Fascinating Seeds

August 2013

july window

Edible seeds are little powerhouses of nutrition. The provide proteins, minerals, vitamins, fats and fibre and the majority of calories in the human diet for growth and maintenance in many guises without inducing weight gain. 

Inspired by the summery yellow of the sunflower the window looked pretty sunny.

A collage of seeds in the shape of a leaf, evokes the properties within the seed giving life to growth.

Favourite seeds (and their properties) at Down to Earth include: 

  • Organic sunflower – rich in folate important for women,
  • Pumpkin – protective to male prostate,
  • Sesame -richest source of plant calcium,
  • Flax – Colon healing,
  • British hemp – perfectly balanced 3:1 EFA, 30% protein,
  • Chia seeds – high in omega 3, stabilises blood sugar.

Whether you like your seeds as snacks, raw, toasted, ground, cooked or as butters or oils just remember to include them in your life from organic sources wherever possible.


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