New Year Healthy Eating Plans

January 2014

2014-01-29 16.37.33

January has been a busy month with many people making healthy eating resolutions. Well done to all our customers who have pledged to eat better. So far, nuts seem to be the food of choice! May healthy snacking and the inclusion of valuable food sources continue into the year.

We celebrated farmhouse breakfast week at the end of the month with special emphasis on oat products. Oats are a British superfood. They are rich in minerals especially calcium, potassium and magnesium and B vitamins for the nervous system. Oats are an energy food that balance blood sugar levels. They also lower cholesterol levels. 

Porridge is the second most popular British breakfast. It is aneconomic food to experiment with and jig up with the addition of almost anything; yogurt, seeds, fruit, nuts, spices. Avoid over sweetening.

Try soaking the oats overnight to breakdown phytic acid and to help with the release of optimum nutrition. If you do have a slow cooker, this could be a great use for it. Cook on low overnight for a gourmet serving of porridge each morning for the whole family.

‘Farmhouse Breakfast Week’ is an annual initiative that campaigns to raise awareness of the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast. Research indicates that missing meals primes the brain to react more strongly to naughty foods (imp. coll. London) ultimately this can lead to unwanted weight gain.

As an alternative to oat recipes, there is a wide range of breakfast options to inspire you in store including:

Branded cereals

Homemade mueslis including the Down to Earth basket muesli (so called because  it was originally sold out of a basket), organic, seed and nut free, and a gluten free option

Flours for delicious pancakes  including gluten free options – teff, buckwheat and rice

Eggs- local free range and duck eggs, Organic hens eggs


Come and see us for some recipe sheets and booklets to help you out.


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