Shop Local

July 2013

Highlighting Local Producers

2013-08-09 11.40.42

Down to Earth support local producers who contribute to the locality by providing jobs, boosting the economy and reducing road miles. Local is a term with varying degrees of agreement. Included here are Dorset, West Country and our neighbouring counties.

Dorset Honey and fresh vegetables are bought from within a stones throw of town. The beautiful weather is contributing to a bountiful harvest for those of us not lucky enough or able to grow our own. The bees are having a happy time too. Stoate & Sons flour have been supplying the shop for many years and have a long history in Dorset for all your baking needs. Easy Bean are a small company producing their delicious ready meals near Yeovil. Tints of Nature produce natural hair dyes in the New Forest (a popular choice for those wanting  a little colour). Smooze are another family business based in Poole producing coconut based frozen ices ideal for taking to the park on a hot day. Olives et Al are Dorset based providing local jobs and a boost to our mineral levels. ​

We are enjoying work from local artists adding a touch of ambience in store. Come in and have a look and take some home. The shop jig-around has bought the Ecover products to the shop window promoting ecological cleaning solutions and refills to reduce packaging waste and save money.


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