Spring has Sprung

April 2013


Not many people consider the seed from food sources as a viable garden crop. Beans not only are tasty but release nitrogen into the soil from their root nodules as they decompose.

Not all beans will give a dry crop in a British season(and space may not allow for one), but consider growing soy beans for a fresh edamame crop or kidney, haricots or flageolots for a green bean crop. It is also possible to grow many grains including Quinoa in a British summer. Gardeners question time recommend 3 plants for a family as they are ‘stunning, delicious and offering up two crops for the effort of one.

Peanuts are not nuts but root crops which have been grown in Dorset. Why not try a crop of peanuts! Ginger (Zingiberis Rhizoma) given some heat will make a nice plant and possibly some root for culinary use.

In the absence of a garden sprouting is easy, quick and provides nutritional advantages over cooked beans and grains. Seeds are little powerhouses of nutrition but in a dormant state the nutrients are locked up. During germination enzyme inhibitors are neutralised, easing digestion of these foods. Vitamins are increased and food becomes more alkaline.

As well as Sprouters, seeds and grains, we also stock The Sprouters Handbook by Edward Cairney. He also has a nice little chapter on Wheatgrass – my favourite.

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