The Changing Seasons

October 2013


This month, we received many new products to encourage health and well-being including salt lamps and herbal supplements to help you through the changing seasons.

The basic premise behind a salt lamp is to help cleanse your indoor air and provide an attractive soothing light in your home. The salt lamp naturally attracts humidity from the atmosphere. When heated, the salt lamp builds up negative ions. The negative ions bind with positive ions in our homes created by electrical equipment. By neutralising these health benefits can be achieved.

We are also stocking a selection of salt products including deodrant sticks, bars and massage balls (from £3.00). Salt has been used for its health giving and deodorising properties for thousands of years.

For relief of symptoms of colds and flus we are now stocking a selection of  licensed traditional herbal medicinal products from Schwabe. Kaloba syrup contains Pelargonium sidoides for upper respiratory infections in children 6+ to adult. 

Remember to stay well  by enjoying a healthy diet and lifestyle. Seasonal favourites flying out the door include porridge and jumbo oats, oat groats and oatmeal, as well as Dorset Honey and root ginger.

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