Gluten / Egg / Dairy Free Pancakes


These pancakes are wheat free/ gluten free, and unlike other alternative pancake mixes they have the same consistency and texture as a ‘normal’ flour pancake. You can also make these pancakes as egg free and/ or dairy free as required.

We stock buckwheat, teff or gluten free mix flours so you can come in to store and try them all to find your favourites.




100g of your chosen flour

2 eggs

300ml milk

1 tbsp oil + extra for frying

pinch of salt

To make these pancakes egg free, mixing 1 tbsp flax + 3tbsp water or 1 tbsp soya flour + 2 tbsp water equals 1 egg. Alternatively, you can use a branded egg replacer off the shelf.

To make these pancakes dairy free, simply substitute the milk with your favourite alternative. There are so many options with oat, rice, soya or coconut being the most common.


Cook as usual and add your favourite pancake toppings.



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