We are unique. You won’t find us anywhere else. Just this one…

July 2014

July 4th was Independents’ Shop Day across the country. Its purpose is to highlight the value of small businesses in the community and encourage people to use them. The simple message is:




As an independent shop, Down to Earth values itself on trying as much as possible to supply locally grown, made or produced products. We engage in the local community by supporting other local business, local events and local initiatives. The New Economics Foundation (NEF) have coined the phrase Home Town vs Clone Town. Independent shops offer Home Town service. A Home Town shop is unique – you will not find one quite like it anywhere else. Money diverted from supermarkets and chain stores benefits the local community – some put this figure at up to every £7 in £10 spent.

Some say Down to Earth is a best kept secret. We link up the high street with historic Dorchester and the Borough Gardens. Many find us by accident when exploring, and return because of our uniqueness and diverse stock range. The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and helpful in this small local business. For many, it is part of the weekly shop not only because of the service and wide product range but it saves money.

Customers are very important to us as we are to them. Local business helps to build and retain the sense of community. In our beautiful town, it is important that local businesses survive through traditional customer loyalty. There is a benefit for many people of knowing local regular staff who they can ask for advice and support, or pop in for a chat, and they show this through the businesses they choose to support.


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