October 2014
October was a beautiful month for a bountiful harvest. Spelt flour which ran short during the summer came back in to stock. It is great value for all our bread makers.
Grains have been a staple food for generations. Nutritionally, they provide slow-releasing carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals, especially when sourced organically.
Bread is seen as ‘the staff of life’. When baked from 100% stone-ground flour it provides nutrition as nature intended. We stock a range of flours from Cann Mill in Shaftesbury who have been supplying Down to Earth  for many years. The Stoate family have a long tradition in milling. The traditional method of stonegrinding protects the germ, retaining the oils that are evenly distributed.
Where wheat flour is being reduced by many, it is now considered that the Gluten that might cause intolerance in some is overcome by the method of baking. Sourdough bread nourishes the digestion through its slow process that allows the starches and gluten to be pre-digested by lactic acid in the fermentation process.
Whether you enjoy your home grown grains as bread or breakfast flakes there is plenty of scope for stocking up on slow-releasing carbohydrates to fuel your body.

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