Nutty December

December 2014


Sales of nuts and dried fruit go up as Christmas approaches. Traditional baking of cakes, puddings, mincemeats all include these nutritionally dense ingredients. Nuts also form the basis of many vegetarian savoury meals.
Nuts are little powerhouses of nutrition: carbohydrates for fuel, protein (6g per 25g) for muscle, healthy unsaturated fats, fibre for digestion, Abundant vitamins and minerals,they contain the highest levels of antioxidant of all plant food.
Some of our favourite seasonal recipes include mince pies made with almond shortcrust pastry (replace 1/3rd of your normal flour with ground almonds) ALMONDS are particularly high in MUFA’s that lower cholesterol and the antioxidant Vitamin E.
As a savoury CHESTNUTS are in season and delicious tossed with sprouts and seasoned with a little thyme. Although they were in short supply this year they are great in the diet, being low in fat, high in vitamin C and rich in heart healthy fatty acids.
Our favourite nut roasts are made with BRAZIL and CASHEW nuts. Brazil nuts are rich in immune boosting Selenium and Magnesium, and Cashews are particularly good for bone health as they are high in Calcium.We sell Nut roasts from our freezer but you are always welcome to come in and ask for the recipe.
We sell nuts loose at very competitive prices and also make up snack mixes. Where some people think nuts are fattening like most things portion size reduces this problem. A portion size equates to 25g or to be more specific 14 walnut halves, 24 Almonds, 16 whole cashews, 28 peanuts, 45 pistachios or 3 brazil nuts.

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