Shake Up Your Wake Up

January 2015


Breakfast Week is an annual event run on behalf of arable farmers in the UK growing Wheat, Oats, Barley for our daily bread and Breakfast Cereals. It aims to inspire new breakfast ideas and encourage a healthy start to the day.
At Down to Earth, we have been mixing our own muesli since 1978. These are based largely on organic ingredients as well as having no added salt or sugar.Our range covers different tastes and dietary requirements. We also sell organic flakes, grains and flours for making your own delicious recipes.
Porridge is the second most popular British breakfast.Oats are the traditional ingredient of this cooked breakfast that provide slow release energy and balances blood sugars. Oats contain lots of nutrients(calcium, magnesium, potassium and B vitamins for the nervous system), a  water soluble fibre called beta-glucan that absorbs LDL cholesterol, more soluble fibre than any other grain to aid digestion and gramine, a natural sedative to ease anxiety.
Oats come in many forms;
  • Stabilised porridge or jumbo oats are used for porridge, mueslies and flapjacks. These are lightly steamed groats that are rolled into flakes.
  • Groats are hulled and toasted grains, which when soaked overnight cook into a porridge full of oaty goodness.
  • Pinhead oatmeal needs a longer cooking time (45 minutes) and are used for oatcakes and the production of oatmilk. They are steel cut toasted groats.
  • Oatmeal is stoneground grain used for porridge and as Oat flour in bread recipes.
  • Oatbran is the outer coating of the grain. 3 tbsp a day is flagged for lowering cholesterol, adding fibre to the diet and is especially high in magnesium.
For people on a gluten-free diet or those wishing to vary their grains, porridge can be made with gluten free oats, millet, brown rice, quinoa or buckwheat flakes in much the same way ( 1 cup of flake to 2/2.5 cups of water)
For natural sweetness and a health boost, spices, especially cinnamon, (1 tsp balances blood sugar) are tasty. Low sugar fruits such as dates, banana or berries, nuts and seeds are also a healthy addition.
Look out for recipe ideas on our Facebook page.  Our Toasted Oats breakfast recipe is very popular!

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