Spring Tonics

February 2015

IMAG0780 February 1st marks the start of Celtic Spring. We certainly are enjoying longer days and the emergence of new life with bulbs and buds breaking. The end of the winter has left many feeling tired and harbouring cold symptoms that cannot be shaken. Now is a good time to give the body a little tonic. Nettles are a traditional spring tonic as a food or a tea they can be harvested now for free! Or you can buy them dried as a store cupboard essential.
A busy month of celebrating has ensued with Valentines Day, Shrove Tuesday and Fairtrade Fortnight.
Our new raw food supplier made some lovely raw chocolate delights for valentines day. Quality chocolate has many health benefits. Cacao is a rich source of magnesium for beating stress, chromium for controlling blood sugars, phenylalanine to keep you focused and allows neurotransmitters(ie serotonin) to circulate the brain for a sense of wellbeing, pleasure and pain relief.
Raw food is currently popular in the media. Contrary to belief, there is more to it than salad leaves and carrot sticks. Do come and try some raw seed crackers. Think about including raw food (especially nut and seeds, preferably soaked) with every meal. Cooking destroys food enzymes that are essential for digestive health and thus vitality and general well-being.
Do look up Fairtrade campaigns and support some of our supply chains. Our fresh fruit and veg is all organic and includes fairtrade bananas as well as local produce for your raw food consumption.

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