A Spring A-Z of household cleaning at Down to Earth

April 2015
During this month at Down to Earth, we highlighted many of our household products on our Facebook page with our A-Z of household cleaning products. This worked very well for our customers who became more familiar with stock that is packed into the Aladin’s Cave of Down to Earth.
We bought simple recipes for natural household cleaning, many from everyday items like lemons that are delivered weekly with our organic vegetables and the traditional use of vinegar and bicarbonate soda. These items we sell loose at competitive prices. By bringing your own containers, packaging can be kept to a minimum. At Down to Earth, we endeavour to be as green as possible.
For the same reason, we stock Ecover cleaning products and support the refill system. We refill the following: non-bio and delicate laundry liquid, fabric softener, all purpose cleaner,washing up liquid, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner and sell loose washing powder.
International Mother Earth day falls annually around the 22nd of April. It was fitting when thinking about natural cleaning products and lessening our impact on the environment that we have this day to remind us that the earth and its ecosystem provide us with life and sustenance. If we abuse it our health is affected too.

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