Beans And Pulses


  • Aduki, Organic
  • Black eyed
  • Black Turtle Bean, Organic
  • Borlotti Bean
  • Brown Lentil, Organic
  • Butter Bean, Organic
  • Cannelini
  • Chickpea, Organic
  • Dark Speckled Lentil (Puy, origin Canada), Organic
  • Flagelot
  • Green Lentil, Organic
  • Haricots, Organic
  • Marrowfat Pea
  • Mung Bean
  • Red Kidney Bean, Organic
  • Red Lentil, Organic
  • Soup Mix and Bean Mixes
  • Soya Bean, Organic
  • Split Pea Green
  • Split Pea Yellow
  • We also stock pre-packed Indian type lentils: Mung, Channa Dhal, Urid Dhal and British-grown Hodmedod peas and beans

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