Breakfast Cereals and Muesli



  • Doves Farm Cornflakes –
  • Doves Farm Fibreflakes –
  • Natures Path gluten free, organic cereals –
  • Rude Health puffed cereals –
  • Whole Earth Cornflakes –


Our mueslis have no added sugar and are made from wholefood ingredient.

  • Deluxe; With 32% fruit and nut mix –
  • Down to Earth Basket; A Down to Earth original recipe including Wheatgerm and Wheatbran –
  • Down to Earth Fruity; Wheat, nut and seed free –
  • Down to Earth Millet and Brown Rice Flake; Naturally gluten-free cereals with seeds, nuts and fruits –
  • Down to Earth Organic Muesli –
  • Queenswood Granola; Toasted Oats and Fruit –

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