Dried Fruits: Quality, variety and health benefits


November 2015

Since the first health food shop opened in Britain in 1890 (Pitmans Health food Store, Birmingham), the purchase of Dried Fruits from health food shop has been popular, due to its quality and variety.

At Down to Earth this is very much the case, especially at this time of year when Christmas baking comes to the fore with traditional recipes and for embracing the trend of the year for ‘Raw’.

The dried fruits we stock are free from mineral oils, most are sulphur free and most are Organic.

Some fruit is dressed with vegetable oil to prevent sticking. This can be rinsed off if preferred. The addition of mineral oil in conventional packing interferes with the absorption of nutrients. Fruit is high in nutrients and we want to absorb these.

Sulphur is an allergen to many. Some fruits are treated with it to preserve colour (notably apricot and goji berries). Its addition is linked to digestive upsets and affects absorption of vitamin B1. Alternatives can be found in most cases.

Dried fruits are easily digested, and are a concentrated source of minerals and vitamins. Minerals and vitamins, excepting vitamin C, are increased when compared with the same weight in fresh fruit. Dried fruit is also a source of dietary fibre, provides an instant source of energy and is a natural intrinsic sugar. Its used as a sweetener in many recipes.

In their natural state, Down to Earth stock;

Turkish Apricots; (whole, unsulphered/ organic , chopped and ready to eat); a rich source of Iron, Vitamin A and Calcium. Following late frosts in Europe the price of these has been high.

Banana; both dried and chips

Blueberries; Antioxidants.

Cherries; both organic sour cherries and glace

Citrus Peel; chopped and whole.

Cranberries; Organic and sweetened with apple juice. Good source of vitamin C

Currants, Organic vostizza variety for superb flavour and greek currants

Dates; pitted, chopped and Medjoul. Are a good source of Iron, fibre and natural sweetness.

Figs- Organic, Lerida crop.

Goji ; Unsulphured, a superfood berry for eternal youth.

Mango; Organic Slices

Mulberries; White Mulberries



Prunes; Pitted

Raisins; Organic, Lexia ( a large deseeded variety from Australia) and golden

Sultana; Organic

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